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Albuterol Inhaler


Albuterol (know as salbutamol) is used to prevent and to treat bronchospasm in people that have obstructive airway disease. It is a sympathomimetic bronchodilator.

Albuterol Inhaler

How Taken

Albuterol works from 4 to 8 hours or more; take it with or without meal. If you are taking Albuterol to prevent asthma brought on exercise, inhale 2 puffs 20-30 minutes before exercise. Always clean and dry the inhaler. Keep track of your inhalations number, make some notes. Avoid spraying the Albuterol in the eyes.

More Information

Albuterol relaxes the muscles in the airways and increases the flow of air into the lungs. Albuterol is also used to prevent so called exercise-induced bronchospasms. If Albuterol stops working well for you, or your breathing symptoms become worse, or if you need it more than it supposed to be, call your doctor or medical service.


It is very important to keep Albuterol all times with you, and keep using all other medication that prescribed. If you feel that Albuterol does not work for you or your condition become worse, don’t take more Albuterol, call your doctor immediately. You need to inform your doctor if you are allergic to any medicine or food and substances. Also your health race professional should know your medical history, and especially if there any heart problems, blood vessel problems, kidney or liver problems etc. Albuterol may make you dizzy, don’t use machinery, don’t drive a car or do any activity that requires alertness. Avoid or limit the alcoholic beverages.

Possible Side Effects

The probable side effects of Albuterol are: headache, nervousness, dizziness, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, sinus inflammation, tremor, hoarseness, muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting, dry mouth and sleep problems. This is not the complete list of Albuterol side effects; call your doctor in case if you have any of these or other unlikely effects.

Albuterol is one of the best medicines which are used by asthma patients. Patient should keep this medicine every time in his pocket. It is not possible to go to the doctor immediately when you feel problem in breathing. For this purpose, albuterol is used so that you can handle it yourself. You just put the mouth piece of albuterol in your mouth and spray it very slowly. Inhale the medicine inside of your mouth by slow breathing. It will relax the muscles in the airways.

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Many people love smoking which is a habit that starts slowly and builds until they cannot do without it. What they fail to understand or totally ignore is the adverse effects this habit has on their health and fitness. As we all know smoking affects the respiratory system by burning the small hairs called cilia on the lining of the lungs. These hairs are responsible for trapping the dirt and small particles that come in through the outside environment as a result of their loss you start experiencing constant coughs and infections in the lungs that could affect you adversely.

Albuterol Inhaler

Sometimes people not bother about the health and it becomes very complicated with the passage of time. Whenever you suffer from asthma problem, you should buy Albuterol as soon as possible according to the doctor’s advice. If you will get late then your health problem may increase. As we are well aware about an old saying that Health is Wealth. A healthy person is actually a wealthy person. When a wealthy person becomes ill then he spends all his money to get his health back. In this way, health is directly related to the wealth.

Same is the case with asthma patients. There is much consumption of money on the medicines. The person becomes the victim of asthma when toxic gases go in to the human body. Government should control this type of toxic gases by formulating different laws. By controlling these toxic gases, we can decrease the number of patients who are suffering from asthma. Asthma is not only one problem in which air flow through the lungs decreases. It means you can use albuterol for all those health problems in which you are feel difficulty in breathing. Bronchospasm is also related to the lungs and breathing. It is caused by the obstructive air ways. If you want to treat this health problem then I shall suggest you to use albuterol. It is a complete bronchodilator having all properties which make it best.

Some safety care tips for the users of albuterol. They should read it and understand it. Those people who have an allergy to albuterol or any component of albuterol then they should ask their doctor before using it. It may be harmful for their health if they will use it without consulting a professional doctor. In the following health problems, you may need some dose adjustment. The names of such health problems are given below:

  • Heart disease and congestive heart failure
  • Seizure disorder
  • Diabetes
  • Heart rhythm disorder
  • Overactive thyroid

These were some health problems in which you must consult with your family doctor. Albuterol inhalers has been used by millions of people and they find it very well. It has the ability to relax the vessels of air as soon as possible. This is what people need in asthma problem. Always keep this bronchodilator in your hand or pocket. You can feel uncomfortable in breath any time. Some medicines can affect badly on the performance of albuterol. You must tell your doctor about all those medicines which you are taking.

Well, if we talk about the method of using Albuterol inhaler then shake it gently before using it. Priming is very necessary for such medicines so spray it in the environment so that continuous flow of albuterol starts. You can use it in the emergency situation and according to prescription. If you feel that albuterol is not working on you then you can contact with your doctor. He may suggest you any other bronchodilator but it did not happened ever. This is something about the effective use of albuterol.

Is It Possible To Cough Your Lung Out?

Sometimes stranger things happen when it comes to the human body. Take the example of a forty year old woman from England who was suffering from severe asthma. According to the New English Journal for Medicine, this woman, while coughing too hard actually pushed out her lung through her rib cage. As the story goes, this woman used to hack a lot and used to hack in a horrible way for almost a period of two weeks. She was suffering from some form of lower respirational tract infection and she kept ignoring. Some sudden pain in the chest made her take notice and pays a visit to the doctor at a local hospital. When doctors diagnosed her to identify the cause, they noticed some crepitus, or some popping and crackling sound on her right side above her torso. This confused the doctors and they decided to get an x ray done. And when the X-ray got done, they realized that all the coughing she had endured for the past two weeks led to the herniation of the woman’s lungs. In fact, the lung tissue actually had poked between the two ribs of her.

This case led to the doctors being startled because they had never seen anything like that before. In fact this case was so unusual (though since it had now happened, it was termed as apparent), this case is now considered for further study and investigation and also being dubbed as one of the rare cases ever seen.

And though damage to lungs due to coughing is really rare, it is not really that rare that excessive coughing can lead to a lot of other hospital visits-some memorable and some not so memorable. Excessive, unnatural and hard coughing sometimes have had led to rupturing of the spleens which has resulted in extreme blood loss. In fact hard coughing in some rare cases have also led to eyeballs popping out of the eye sockets, though these cases are kind of one in a million case. And these are the cases which have now become case studies of what leads to such extreme body harm due to coughing and how does it happen. Doctors are trying to identify the reason of how it could have happened and they are trying to present guidelines on when the patients need to pay a visit to the hospital. They are also trying to study to identify on the possible solutions of some medicines to avoid such kind of scenario.

To conclude the above scenario, one can say that just because something like this happened, does not mean you try to control every cough you get and put pressure on the natural response system of the body. Coughing is good and it is a natural reflex which helps the lungs and the airways stay clear of any form of irritants including the mucus thus helping prevent infections. The possible reason for such a thing happening could be the excessive pressure on the lungs which could have happened as a result of the preexisting asthma which would have worsened the effects of cough and might have prolonged it.