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Cough Variant Asthma – Another Common Type Of Asthma Disorder

Asthma, which is also known as one of the world’s most dangerous disorder can cause a person to restrict himself/herself from many physical activities such as, walking fast, running, prolonged workout session, rigorous exercise, laughing or crying strongly and several other activities also. Asthma is divided into many types and another one such type is known as cough variant asthma.

Cough variant asthma

Cough variant asthma (also known as CVA) is a kind or category of asthma disorder in which the major or key symptom or indication is a non-productive (a non-productive cough is a type of cough in which no ejection of mucus takes place from respiratory tract), dry cough. People who suffer from this type of asthma disorder are likely said to be having no other asthma symptoms like short or difficulty in breathing or wheezing.

This asthma disorder is often known as chronic cough also because this term “chronic cough” is used to illustrate or explain a cough which has been lasted or has been prolonged for more than 6 to 8 weeks. This type of coughing can occur or take place throughout the day no matter whether it is day time or night. If this cough with asthma takes place or occur during night time than it can be known as night time asthma and in this type of asthma disorder, your sleep can be interrupted by severe coughing and difficulty in taking breath can also be faced. Often, people who are suffering from cough variant asthma disorder can observe that during prolonged and rigorous exercise sessions they develop a more severe coughing and this development of more severe coughing and asthma is known as exercise induced asthma.

Now, when talking about the people who can get affected by cough variant asthma or are more likely to be affected by this type of asthma disorder so the answer is anyone from any age group can be affected by cough variant asthma, there is no any defined age or age group for this type of asthma disorder. But despite of this, young children who suffer from asthma disorder since their childhood are more likely to get affected by cough variant asthma and if not treated or taken precautions then this cough variant asthma might transform into the classic asthma which is more harmful and symptoms of classic asthma are difficulty in breathing, shorter breathe, wheezing, chest tightness etc.

Now if one asks that what are the causes or what causes this cough variant asthma to occur in a human body so there is no particular answer for this question. Like other types of asthma (such as typical or classical) the causes of this asthma disorder are unknown. But as far as coughing is concerned, so one must face a severe coughing by coming in contact with different allergens and infectious bacteria or by inhaling cold and not moistened air and because of this inhaling of polluted air one can suffer from severe respiratory infection like sinusitis; which is also a common and basic type of asthma disorder.

Hence one should take care and try not to inhale polluted air and if due to cough variant asthma the situation of a person worsens then a doctor must be consulted.