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Exercise Induced Asthma – a Common Type of Breathing Disorder

Asthma, it is a very common but very harmful disease or disorder which is caused by the narrowing or shrinking of airways of lungs which causes the stoppage and blockage of air eventually resulting in asthma attack. Asthma is not only of one type, it is also further divided into many different types. Different types of asthma disorders are caused by different infections and their severity changes from episode to episode even in the same person. One such type of asthma disorder is known as exercise induces asthma.

Exercise Induced Asthma

Exercise induced asthma (also known as exercise induced bronchoconstriction) is a type of asthma disorder which is caused by excessive pressure on body or by prolonged and intense exercise or work out sessions. The people who suffer or are suffering from chronic asthma are most like to experience and trigger some exercise induced asthma symptoms or asthma symptoms which are caused by rigorous and prolonged exercise sessions. But having said that, not only chronic asthma patients are likely to suffer exercise induced asthma, the people who are not affected by chronic asthma are also likely to develop or evolve symptoms of exercise induced asthma nut only during exercise or work out.

Now let us talk about talk how prolonged exercise sessions can induce or cause asthma or how this occur or takes place in human body. When we breathe or inhale air, so at first that air is slightly warmed and moistened or damped by the nasal passages of a human body but when people exercise, the scenario is totally different. When people exercise they tend to or are most likely to take breathe with the help of their mouth rather than nose which causes them to inhale colder and a non-moistened or drier air instead of warm, moistened and bacteria free air and because of this when airways come in contact with this polluted and dry air they react severely as the airways are very sensitive and can eventually cause the airways to shrink or become narrow and due to this narrowing of airways, one suffers from exercise induced asthma which can also cause severe asthma attack if not treated or taken care of. Following are some of the symptoms of exercise induced asthma:

  • A severe coughing along with asthma can occur or take place if one continued to exercise despite of having difficulty in taking breathe.
  • Due to prolonged exercise sessions one can also feel the tightening of chest if he is suffering or likely to be suffering from exercise induced asthma.
  • If a person is taking breathe or breathing noisily then he might also be suffering from exercise induced asthma.
  • A shortness of breath can also be noticed by one who is suffering from exercise induced asthma and he/she should stop exercising rigorously if the situation becomes worse.

Discussed above are some of the very common and main symptoms of exercise induced asthma and one should consult a doctor and follow his prescription if the situation worsens.