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Is It Possible To Cough Your Lung Out?

Sometimes stranger things happen when it comes to the human body. Take the example of a forty year old woman from England who was suffering from severe asthma. According to the New English Journal for Medicine, this woman, while coughing too hard actually pushed out her lung through her rib cage. As the story goes, this woman used to hack a lot and used to hack in a horrible way for almost a period of two weeks. She was suffering from some form of lower respirational tract infection and she kept ignoring. Some sudden pain in the chest made her take notice and pays a visit to the doctor at a local hospital. When doctors diagnosed her to identify the cause, they noticed some crepitus, or some popping and crackling sound on her right side above her torso. This confused the doctors and they decided to get an x ray done. And when the X-ray got done, they realized that all the coughing she had endured for the past two weeks led to the herniation of the woman’s lungs. In fact, the lung tissue actually had poked between the two ribs of her.

Human Lungs

This case led to the doctors being startled because they had never seen anything like that before. In fact this case was so unusual (though since it had now happened, it was termed as apparent), this case is now considered for further study and investigation and also being dubbed as one of the rare cases ever seen.

And though damage to lungs due to coughing is really rare, it is not really that rare that excessive coughing can lead to a lot of other hospital visits-some memorable and some not so memorable. Excessive, unnatural and hard coughing sometimes have had led to rupturing of the spleens which has resulted in extreme blood loss. In fact hard coughing in some rare cases have also led to eyeballs popping out of the eye sockets, though these cases are kind of one in a million case. And these are the cases which have now become case studies of what leads to such extreme body harm due to coughing and how does it happen. Doctors are trying to identify the reason of how it could have happened and they are trying to present guidelines on when the patients need to pay a visit to the hospital. They are also trying to study to identify on the possible solutions of some medicines to avoid such kind of scenario.

To conclude the above scenario, one can say that just because something like this happened, does not mean you try to control every cough you get and put pressure on the natural response system of the body. Coughing is good and it is a natural reflex which helps the lungs and the airways stay clear of any form of irritants including the mucus thus helping prevent infections. The possible reason for such a thing happening could be the excessive pressure on the lungs which could have happened as a result of the preexisting asthma which would have worsened the effects of cough and might have prolonged it.