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The Effect Of Smoking And Alcohol On Health And Fitness

Many people love smoking which is a habit that starts slowly and builds until they cannot do without it. What they fail to understand or totally ignore is the adverse effects this habit has on their health and fitness.

As we all know smoking affects the respiratory system by burning the small hairs called cilia on the lining of the lungs. These hairs are responsible for trapping the dirt and small particles that come in through the outside environment as a result of their loss you start experiencing constant coughs and infections in the lungs that could affect you adversely.

Diet is essential for everybody to maintain their health and fitness but smoking tends to lower your level of diet and the nutrients your body desires. This is possible with reduced appetites and as we are all aware it is essential to have and maintain a good diet which cannot be achieved with lack of appetite.


Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen available in your body this is because of the high level of carbon monoxide in the blood stream also reducing the amount of oxygen taken into the muscles, this eventually affects the health and fitness due to lack of oxygen to aid in day to day activities. A smoker’s heart rate will also tend to be increases with each activity he does.

Alcohol affects the health and fitness of a person in various ways although largely it affects the liver. Alcohol is absorbed faster into the blood stream than any other food or drink, within one minute it has already reached your brain. When alcohol travels to the liver it affects Avery cell in the liver. These cells are the only ones in the body that can produce alcohol dehydrogenate enzyme which oxidizes alcohol.

It is the function of the liver to prefer fatty acids as fuel and the excess fat acids as triglycerides. If you consume a lot of alcohol then the liver fully concentrates on metabolizing it leaving these fat acids to accumulate in the long run leading to heavy drinkers developing fatty livers. This drastically affects the health and fitness of a drinker.

In term of exercising alcohol has been known to act as a diuretic which enables the body to speed the loss fluids and electrolytes. This leads to dehydration and an adverse effect on your health and fitness by increasing the production of lactic acid which result fatigue during strenuous activities.

Alcohol also contains calories which will lead to your weight gain by increasing belly fat it also will affect your muscle growth and the ability to maintain the muscles you already have. In terms of exercising avoid alcohol shortly before or after and instead opt for other drinks like water. To ensure that you control your health and fitness researchers advise you to keep your alcohol and cigarette smoking to a minimum level or if possible to do away with them completely.