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Ways to Cure Asthma at Early Stage

People, who suffer from asthma, or have seen someone suffering from it, only know how painful it is. Basically, asthma is a chronic inflammatory lung disease where you get troubled breathing. If not treated at an early stage, it can be fatal and cause death too. Asthma is mainly of two types:

  • The chronic asthma
  • The acute asthma

Whenever there is any obstruction in the airflow in your lungs, asthma attack occurs. Usually, asthma attack occurs at early morning and at night. Often a patient can turn blue while facing the breathing difficulties. According to medical researchers, around 2.5 lakh people die every year due to severe asthma attack. Why take chances? Along with proper treatment, you can follow certain simple hacks to keep your problem under control.

Yoga Everyday

How to Solve Your Problem of Asthma with Simple Tips

Asthma can be genetic. So, if you have anyone in your family with this disease, you should take precaution at an early stage. There are certain ways which will help to cure asthma at an early stage. These may be home remedies or exercises and all. Have a look-

Perform Yoga Everyday

In Ayurveda, it is said that the main reasons of asthma are allergens and digestive disorders. If food is not digested well, it produces toxic juice and causes obstruction in your respiratory tract which results in breathlessness. If you practice yoga asanas, like sir sauna or ut than asana, you may not need any drugs to cure asthma. Such asanas remove any obstructions from your respiratory tract and fill your lung with fresh air.

Use Ginger

There are so many ingredients at our hand which helps us to get rid of serious health issues like asthma. Medical studies have proved that ginger contains certain components that are used to make drugs for asthma. So, you can prepare ginger tea and have small sips into it while having breathing trouble. You can also prepare a concoction with ginger juice, pomegranate juice, and honey.

Homeopathy for Asthma

For bronchial asthma, homeopathy can be a good remedy. If kids are suffering from this condition, homeopathy always does a miracle. Children can stay away from the effects of steroids if they are on homeopathy medication and such medicines can fight against reasons of asthma-like pollutants, dust, pollen grain, etc.

Mustard Oil

What to do if you have a sudden asthma attack at night? If there is mustard oil handy, you can get relieved. Massaging chest with mustard oil can clear your respiratory passages and make your breathing normal. You can also add camphor in mustard oil and heat it. Massage it gently on your chest, and your problem will be reduced.

Follow Proper Diet

You should follow the proper diet plan and also follow proper method to eat food, so that food particles don’t stick to your respiratory passage. Chew food well and then eat slowly. Never get over-fullness as that can block your chest. Always take a small portion of food than your capacity and eat slowly.

With these simple tips, you can get rid of asthma problems when it is at an early stage. Prevent it from getting worse and have a healthy life.