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What Are Some Ways To Diagnose Asthma?

The diagnosis of asthma is the prerogative of a medical doctor. If you suspect that you are asthmatic, it is advisable that you consult your personal physician or any medical expert you know. The diagnosis may include conducting a test on your lung and some other tests. How is the diagnosis done?

Diagnose Asthma

Your doctor will diagnose you for asthma by checking the following:

  • Your medical history: This is the first step that your doctor will take. He or she will go through your medical history before performing some physical examinations to determine your asthma status. You may have to answer some personal questions such as your family medical history, your lifestyle, and the medications you take. To be helpful to your doctor, it is advisable that you are as honest with your doctor as much as possible. If there are conditions at home or at work that expose you to the risk of asthma, that is valuable information you must provide your doctor.
  • Physical examination: You may need to undergo physical examination if your doctor is of the opinion that you may be asthmatic. The examination will cover your chest, nose, ears, lungs, and eyes. A lung function test may also be carried out to determine how well you exhale. In a nutshell, a physical examination will assist your doctor to arrive at the best conclusion that will reveal the true condition of your health.
  • Spirometry: Spirometry is considered by medical experts as the best single test for patients suspected of asthma. The test involves you breathing into a special mouthpiece with a connection to another device called spirometer. The device measures your inhaling and exhaling rates to determine whether you have breathing difficulty or not. Your doctor will ask you to breath in deeply and exhale forcefully. The result of the test will determine your asthma status.
  • Trigger test: The trigger test, as its name implies, is used to trigger asthma by doctors. It is the last resort when the result of any other tests are okay but the symptoms of the disease do not subside. In that case, your doctor will trigger a mild reaction with the trigger test. If you are not asthmatic, you will not react to the test. If you are asthmatic, you may develop some symptoms of asthma.
  • Peak airflow: This test is conducted with a device known as peak flow meter. It is a small device that you will breathe into for the proper measurement of your exhaling rate. When undergoing this test, you will inhale deeply and exhale forcefully into the device too. The result of your test will reveal whether you are asthmatic or not.

Although the primary objective of visiting your doctor is to determine your asthmatic status, he may conduct some other tests if he is of the opinion that you have some other conditions apart from asthma. So, your cooperation is needed to get the best from your doctor.


Diagnosing asthma is very easy. You should take advantage of these tests to know your status and take other measures to put your health in good shape.